1905 Concert, part two

Concert Programme - 31. Song by Mrs Josef Straus

“When the Birds go North” Charles Willeby


2. Violincello Solo by Miss Warwara Poppé

“Musette” Offenbach

Watch a modern recording of this piece from YouTube


3. Scenes from “The Hunchback”

(In Costume)

Helen – Miss Ransom Taylor
Modus – Mr Arthur Wellesley

This link will take you to the Project Gutenberg online transcription of the 1887 edition.
A coincidence appears in the cast list for the Covent Garden performance of 1832 in that
Helen, the part played by Miss Ransom Taylor, was played in 1832 by a Miss Taylor!


This link will take you to an 1833 American Theatre Playbill announcing a performance of James Sheridan Knowles’ “very fashionbable and unrivalled Comedy of the Hunchback”.


4. Song by Miss Verena Fancourt

“O Beating Waves” Needham


5. Violin Soli by Miss Gladys Clark

(a) “Beceuse” Cui

(b) “Humoreske” Dvorak

Watch a modern recording of this piece from YouTube 


6. Songs by Mr Emile D’Oisly

(a) “I know a Lovely Garden” Guy d’Hardelot(1,2)

Listen to a 1907 archive recording of Derek Oldman singing this song from YouTube.

(b) “Say Yes” Guy d’Hardelot


7. Recitations by Miss Ransom Taylor

(a) “The Mission of a Rose” Clifton Bingham

(b) “A Pin” Ella Wheeler Wilcox



(1) ‘Guy d’Hardelot’ was actually Mrs Helen Rhodes (nee Guy) (1858-1936) – who took her male pseudonym from her maiden name, and her French birthplace (the Chateau d’Hardelot, near Boulogne). She trained in France at the Paris Conservatoire and later moved to London.

(2) This recording was played on Radio DJ John Peel’s “Peelennium” selection of music from 1900 to 2000 to show how music styles had changed over the century. Link to source.


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