Concert Programme - 1On Wednesday 22nd November, 1905, the Club Hall Theatre(1), Sevenoaks hosted Miss Ransom Taylor’s Concert.

The concert was under the patronage of: Mr H. W. Forster, MP(2) and the Hon Mrs Forster, together with The Countess Stanhope; The Earl and Countess Amherst; The Ladies Pratt; Louisa, Lady Campbell-Orde; Antonia, Lady Collet; Sir John and Lady Kirk; Colonel and the Hon. Mrs Warde; Colonel Henderson; Major Rogers, D.S.O. and Mrs. Rogers; Miss Austen; Mr. F. L. Bevan and Miss Bevan; Mr. A. St G. Laurie; The Misses Northey; Mrs. Alfred Wilson; and the Clergy of the Deanery.

In aid of the funds of the Church Committee for Church Defence and Church Instruction.

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(1) Club Hall Theatre, Sevenoaks

The Club Hall Theatre was capable of holding more than 500 people. The building was one of many provincial theatres destroyed during Luftwaffe bombing raids in the early part of the Second World War. I have not been able to find a photograph of the Club Hall, please contact me if you have one.

H-W-Forster(2) Henry William Forster, 1st Baron Forster
(31 January 1866 – 15 January 1936)

Henry William Forster was a British Conservative Party politician who became the seventh Governor-General of Australia. He was born at Southend Hall, Catford, the son of an Army officer. He entered the House of Commons as Member of Parliament for Sevenoaks at the 1892 General Election, and held that seat until 1918. Web link to source.


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